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To gather informally in a friendly atmosphere yet with a substantial meal, the buffet is a good compromise. It is a pleasant way to welcome guests. The guests get up and choose what they want to eat themselves. The buffet is not organised like a seated meal and that is what makes it a success.

You can choose between hot or cold dishes, sweet or savoury, accompanied with a few toasts and canapés, alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks.

I offer a variety of dishes: mixed salads, taboulé, tarts, quiches, onion tarts, meat and fish dishes, cheese and desserts (see below).

If you need any extra equipment (plates, cutlery, napkins, tables…) for your reception, do not hesitate to discuss it with me.

If you require, a waiting service can be offered to make your event even easier.



















Finger food

✦ Mini croissants ham/cheese

✦ Mini quiches spinach / parmesan

✦ Mini quiches Lorraine

✦ Mini pissaladière

✦ Bouchées with crab

✦ Mini croque-monsieur ham / cheese or brie / apple or goat / honey

✦ Gougères with cheese

✦ Madeleines with onions

✦ Puff pastry (snails or tapenade or sausage)

✦ Crispy brie / apple or roquefort / pear or tilapia or feta / pesto

 Canelloni of cantaloup, ricotta mousse and juice of cantaloup

 Bouchées of patatoes  with potted pork


Spoons and skewers

✦ Spoon shrimp cocktail                     ✦ Spoon salmon tartare

✦ Spoon salmon / dill cream               ✦ Spoon Scallops / mango

✦ Spoon fig / ham / goat cheese          ✦ Spoon ratatouille / quail egg

✦ Spoon crab / grapefruit                    ✦ Spoon tomato / mozzarella / basil

✦ Spoon pepper / hazelnut / bacon    ✦ Spoon foie gras / onion confit

✦ Skewer of grilled vegetables           ✦ Skewer melon / prosciutto

✦ Skewer foie gras / gingerbread       ✦ Skewer cherry tomato / grape / goat cheese



✦ Verrine grapefruit / smoked salmon                          ✦ Verrine crab / whipped cream lemon

✦ Verrine asparagus / leek cream / curry                      ✦ Verrine tartare avocado / shrimp

✦ Verrine chicken / mango chutney                               ✦ Verrine tomato / feta / cucumber

✦ Verrine eggplant ratatouille way / ham                     ✦ Verrine gazpacho

✦ Verrine caviar zucchini / parmesan cream               ✦ Verrine salmon tartare / mango

 Verrine goat mousse and tomato confit                     ✦ Verrine butternut soup

✦ Verrine porcini soup



Caesar salad                                                       ✦ Pasta salad with Italien ham and cantaloupe ✦ Greek salad                                                         ✦ Potatoes salad with tuna                                   ✦ Niçoise salad                                                      ✦ Salad of marinated peppers

✦ Pasta salad with smoked salmon                   ✦ Exotic salad with shrimps

✦ Romaine salad with goat cheese and walnuts toasts 



✦ Quiche Lorraine                                                ✦ Tatin of peppers

✦ Quiche with smoked salmon                          ✦ "Flamiche" tart with leeks

✦ Quiche with crab and curry                           ✦ Tart with small vegetables and salted butter

✦ Quiche with spinash and parmesan             ✦ Tatin of onions and blond grapes

✦ Quiche with asparagus et goat cheese          ✦ Tart with tomato and mozzarella

✦ Quiche with Roquefort                                     ✦ Tart with mushrooms and shallots                                        


✦ Chicken with mushroom sauce

✦ Pork tenderloin with mustard or onions confit

✦ Chicken Basquaise sauce or lemon sauce

✦ Boeuf Bourguignon

✦ Boeuf Strogonoff

✦ Shrimps Curry

✦ Salmon with champagne sauce

✦ Scallops champagne sauce


✦ Risotto

✦ Mixed vegetables

✦ Fresh salad (romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives)

✦ Flan spinach or mushrooms

✦ Broccoli souffle

✦ Carrots with cumin

✦ Sweet mashed potatoes

✦ Mashed potatoes with truffle oil

✦ Pois gourmands (peas)



✦ French cheese platter



✦ Mini chocolate mousse in verrine

✦ Mini fruit tarts

✦ Mini lemon or caramel / nuts tarts

✦ Mini eclairs (assortment coffee, chocolate, vanilla, pistachio)

✦ Mini Paris-Brest

✦ Mini tiramisu (coffee or red berries)

✦ Mini fraisier

✦ Mini Tatin tart

✦ Verrine raspberry / dark chocolate / shortbread

✦ Verrine cream lemon / basil / strawberry

✦ Verrine manguo or strawberry

✦ Assortment of macaroons









Mini croissants ham/cheese.

Mini quiches lorraine

Spoons foie gras

French cheese platter

Assortment of macaroons

Verrines tomato/feta/cucumber

Verrines corvina tartare

"Flamiche" tart with leeks

Seabass with virgin sauce

Boeuf Bourguignon

Plateau de desserts

       Sylvie Delenclos

Personal Chef in Florida

"Niçoise" salad

Saumon with champagne sauce

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