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This is perfect if you do not have the time to spend organising a formal dinner party. Why not gather all your guests around a glass of wine and some irrisistible canapés?                        


The dining cocktail is a good option. It is a more substantial meal and, as indicated by its name, has the advantage of replacing a formal dinner.


As it is usually in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the dining cocktail enables the guests to meet and talk to each other more easily.


Petit fours, canapés, toasts, mixed salads, mini starters served in shot glasses … are some of the dishes that I can prepare for you.


And of course, seated dining or buffet formulas are also available.




✦ Verrine Avocado tartare/shrimps

✦ Verrine Goat cheese mousse/tomatoes confit

✦ Verrine Salmon tartare/manguo/chives

✦ Verrine or spoon foie gras/home-made gingerbread/onion confit

✦ Verrine Tomato/cucumber/feta/basil

✦ Verrine Corvina ceviche

✦ Verrine Fresh crab/grapefruit/cucumber

✦ Verrine Organic chicken/mango chutney 

✦ Verrine Caviar of zucchini/parmesan cream

✦ Verrine scallops with champagne


✦ Gaspacho

✦ Cantaloupe soup/muscato/basil

✦ Mini-soup carrot/ginger

✦ Mushrooms cappuccino

✦ Cream of asparagus (soup)

✦ Cream of carrot/cumin/ginger


✦ Mini-éclair crab/chantilly with lemon

✦ Mini-éclair mousse of peppers

✦ Mini-éclair salmon with dill

✦ Mini-éclair vegetables confit/basil 

✦ Mini-éclair Foie gras with Paris-Brest cream

✦ Mini-éclair mousse of goat cheese/honey

✦ Mini-éclair tuna/tzaziki


✦ Mini-tatin with onions

✦ Mini-quiche Lorraine

✦ Mini-quiche with leeks

✦ Mini-quiche with smoked salmon

✦ Mini-pissaladière 

✦ Mini-quiche zucchini/Goat cheese

✦ Feuilleté roquefort/pear ou brie/apple


✦ Canapé cherry tomato/quail egg  

✦ Canapé Bleu de Bresse/nuts

✦ Canapé Shrimps/cucumber 

✦ Canapé Smokes salmon/lemon

✦ Canapé Ham of Parme/cantaloupe   

✦ Canapé Foie gras/onions confit  


✦ Chicken Pastillas

✦ Gressinis with italian ham and cantaloupe

 Smoked duck breast and mango chutney

 Lamb confit salad with tabbouleh and mint                                                                                   ✦ Ceasar salad

✦ Assorted Rolls (cereals, white, complete)

✦ Large tray of cheeses

✦ Cascade of fruits (cantaloupe, grapes, pineapple, fresh fruits)

✦ Pièce montée of macaroons




✦ Petits fours (éclairs, Paris-Brest, mini-fruits tart, mini-lemon tart, mini-chocolate tart)


✦ Verrines lemon cream/basil/strawberries


✦ Verrines fraisier or framboisier


✦ Verrines raspberries/chocolate/crumble


✦ Chocolate mousse


✦ Mini-tarte tatin


✦ Tiramisu red fruits or coffee/cocoa





 Zucchini caviar/parmesan cream

Different Canapes

Verrines lemon/basil/strawberry

Verrines Tiramisu

 Mini-quiche with leeks

Large tray of cheeses

 Verrines corvina ceviche 


Différent mini-éclairs

       Sylvie Delenclos

Personal Chef in Florida


Spoons foie gras, gingerbread

Blinis salmon tartare 

Different Canapes

Different Canapes

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