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Whether for a special celebration or a business meal, gastronomic or simple cuisine, I can fulfill your request.

Thanks to my experience as chef in gastronomic restaurants, I guarantee you a top quality, refined meal rich in flavour.

You can find suggestions of starters, main courses and desserts below. 

Feel free to personalise your menu as you please.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.



 ✦  Foie gras in terrine with onions confit

 ✦  Smoked salmon and crab parcels with chive cream

 ✦  Salmon carpaccio with olive oil, lemon, sea salt and pink peppercorns

 ✦  Red tuna tartare with Xeres vinegar and sea urchin cream 

 ✦  Salmon tartare with mango and chives

 ✦ Avocado tartare/shrimps

 ✦  Scallops carpaccio with Passion fruit oil, lime, sea salt and peppercorns

 ✦  Oysters in anise cream

 ✦  Greek Salad

 ✦  Niçoise Salad

 ✦  Pasta salad, smoked salmon

 ✦  Pasta salad, Italian ham and cantaloup

 ✦  Salad potatoes and tuna

 ✦  Salad of marinated peppers

 ✦  Exotic salad with shrimps

 ✦  Romaine salad, toast walnuts and goat

 ✦  Cream of porcini (soup)

 ✦  Cream of butternut (soup)

 ✦  Cream of carrot/cumin/ginger (soup)

 ✦  Cream of zucchini/cheese (soup)



 ✦  Poached salmon and shrimp champagne sauce

 ✦  Scallops with creamy sauce, white wine shallots

 ✦  Sole crust cassolette served with creamy sauce, white wine shallots

 ✦  Casserole of seafood (mussels, scallops, shrimps, salmon)  

 ✦  Snapper fillet in foil, vegetables and lemon butter

​ ✦  La bouillabaisse (fish soup)

 ✦  American lobster fricassee sauce

 ✦  Lobster Thermidor 

 ✦  Lobster "A la parisienne"

 ✦  Sauteed shrimps, curry sauce

 ✦  Chilian seabass, virgin sauce, tomato confit with basil

 ✦  Filet of grouper, white wine and porcini sauce sauteed in garlic butter

 ✦  Salmon casserole with vodka sauce and lime



 ✦  Beef tenderloin Rossini (with foie gras)

 ✦  Beef tenderloin, cognac and pepper sauce

 ✦  Beef tenderloin with Bearnaise sauce                

 ✦  Beef tenderloin with morel sauce

 ✦  Lamb tajine with apricots

 ✦  Pork tenderloin, orange and honey sauce with pine nuts

 ✦  Veal chops with cream

 ✦  French Burger with foie gras

 ✦  Chicken with mushroom sauce       

 ✦  Lamb chops with thyme                     

 ✦  Lamb chops served with goat cheese medallion and oregano

 ✦  Pork tenderloin with mustard sauce

 ✦  Caramelized lamb shanks



✦  Chicken Basquaise        

✦  Boeuf Bourguignon        

✦  Boeuf Strogonoff        

✦  Hachis Parmentier (Ground beef and mashed potatoes)      

✦  Chicken curry           

✦  Lamb curry            

✦  Steak Tartare

✦  Duck with orange sauce

  Half duck with green pepper sauce

  Duck breast with peaches 

✦  Cassoulet

✦  Coq au vin

✦  Sauerkraut

✦  Ratatouille Niçoise (pieces of eggplant, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes cooked      in olive oil)

✦  Mussels cooked in white wine

✦  Paella




✦ Pommes/spéculoos (shortbread, stewed apples, gingerbread mousse)

✦ Pécher de gourmandise (almond cake, diced peach jelly, white chocolate         mousse)

✦ Chocopoire (almonds cream, caramelized pear, dark chocolate mousse,           black frosting)

✦ Mousse 3 chocolats ( brownie, dark chocolate mousse, milk chocolate               mousse, white chocolate mousse)

✦ Almond milk mousse / fresh kiwi

✦ Parisian Vanilla Flan

✦ New York cheese cake and red fruit sauce

✦ Tiramisu

✦ Mango or strawberry or lemon mousse



✦ Mille feuilles ( ou Napoléon)

✦ Fraisier (sponge cake, mascarpone cream light vanilla, whole                             strawberries, strawberry frosting)

✦ Opéra ( biscuit, dark chocolate ganache, butter cream coffee)

✦ Saint-Honoré ( puff pastry, choux, light vanilla cream, whipped)

✦ Paris –Brest ( choux, praline cream)

✦ Pistachic

✦ Le Breton

✦ Baba au rhum



Apple tart

✦ Lemon tart or lemon meringue 

✦ Various fruit tart

✦ Pistachio raspberry tart

✦ Pear almond tart

✦ Pistachio/lemon tart 

✦ Praline tart / white chocolate ganache

✦ Tatin tart and a light whipped vanilla

✦ Mascarpone tart / red fruits

✦ Chocolate/orange tart 

✦ All chocolate tart

✦ Caramel / nuts or chocolate / caramel tart


✦ Pièce montée (choux, vanilla cream, caramel)

✦ Cake pop

✦ Cupcakes

✦ Cascade of fresh fruits

✦ Wedding Cakes…






Carpaccio de saumon
Casserole of seafood(mussels, scallops, shrimps, salmon)

Salmon carpaccio

Greek salad

Casserole of seafood.

Lobster Thermidor

Caramelized lamb shanks

Beef tenderloin with morel sauce

Coq au vin


3 chocolates cake


Fruit tart

Lemon mousse/raspberries


"Aumônière" of Smoked salmon

Steak Tartare

Wedding Cake

       Sylvie Delenclos

Personal Chef in Florida

Paris-Brest for 10 personnes

Lemon pie revisited



Le Breton

Baba au rhum

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